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my Tomat

hay loteks…

Selamat pagi. *lebih tepatnya* Selamat pagi BANGET. Yahaa, ini udah jam 2 pagi dan gue masih aja anteng online, klik sana klik sini baca blog ini baca blog ana.. Gue belum mau tidur. Gue masih kangen. Kangen sama dia. Hehe. Padahal tadi baru aja kita tilpun tilpunan tapi masih kangeeeeeeeeeeeenn..

He’s sleeping now and i hope he’s dreaming my self in his sleep, hahaha…

Tom, You’re always make me laugh and cry. Laugh when i heard ur smart jokes and cry when ur jokes is soooo GARING! Hahaha… I called u Tomat my boy, cuz u are asem asem seger gimanaaa gitu. You always cheer me up when I feel so down. You can make my reddy eye when ngantuk menyerang jadi seger kembali *kalo lagi gak cape banget tapinya*

You make my day is so simple for me to passed it away. You make everything seems wonderful. And for all the things that you’ve made for me, thx yhaa my wonderboy. I hope you can be my last. My soul. My partner. and My great musician =) I’ll always love u just the way you are …

Gudnite. and Sliptite. Hoooooaaahhmmm…

*Did i say “Selamat pagi” in beginning of the post?*

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